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As an online dating site, wealthymen.com is designed for women and men who are looking forward to having a state of the art experience with online dating. Men highlighted in this website are those that earn or make much more than 100,000 dollars a year. This therefore means, women who are looking for wealthy men regardless of the age have a better chance of finding their love or relationship partners from wealthymen.com than any other online website. With an income and image verification process, wealthymen.com has become the fastest rising website for online dating site for searching and finding that rich and wealthy individual.


  • Standard Membership is Free Gold Membership
  • Trial Membership (gold): $9.95 for 7 days
  • Silver Membership: $24.95 per month
  • Gold Membership: $34.95 per month.
  • Standard membership of 3 months: $19.99 / month.
  • Standard membership of 6 months: $16.99 / month.
  • Gold membership of 1 month: $34.99 / month.
  • Gold membership of 3 months: $22.99 / month.
  • Gold membership of 6 months: $19.99 / month.


Interesting Features

  • The registration process begins immediately you get the interest of looking for rich wealthy online and you happen to land on wealthymen.com. You initiate the registration process by creating a general profile. This profile includes the user’s general information like the name, age, gender, location and industries. Although for the location it is only limited to the USA, United Kingdom and Canada.

    Verified Member: This is a part of the registration process that requires an individual highlight or state his income and he should be able to back it up with the necessary documents when the need arises. Income levels often range from 100,000 dollars to 500,000 dollars a year, the second category ranges from 500,000 dollars to 2 million dollars and finally the third category is for those who earn more than two million dollars a year.

    Details such as sexual preferences, the relationship type you are looking for and your body type are crucial for those ladies or women who are searching for men at wealthymen.com. You also have the freedom of asking questions about yourself or about your person of interest.

    One is free to add the members he likes to his list of friends so as not to limit who he gets to chat or communicate with at wealthymen.com. This therefore means you are able to network by adding friends into your friend list.

    Wealthymen.com allows you view and communicate with others in various ways. This includes the mailbox which gives you the opportunity to chat and pass messages across freely and in private. The network list gives you access to the list of people you have invited into your friend list therefore easy to find the person you would at any point in time wish to communicate or get in touch with. Profiles and photos also give you the opportunity to study or go through other people’s profiles.

    As a member of wealthymen.com you have the ability to search for other members in various ways. These include filtering into different options like location and gender, popular cities, membership type, new members, verified statuses and finally who has gone through your profile.

    Wealthymen.com categorizes its members into two; this is the gold and silver membership. Gold members appear at the top of all search listings and they are allowed to email free members and can also reply at the same time. To become a gold member, a seven day trial can be opted for at 9.95 dollars or at a monthly fee of 34.95 dollars. Silver members however only have to pay a monthly fee of 24.94 dollars and they don’t get to enjoy all the privileges as presented for gold members.

    Wealthymen.com is a fast growing platform for the rich wealthy men who are single. Although this is a men’s only site, it provides the best arena for the single women who are looking to find rich wealthy men. When you are looking for an online site that has more than 95% of its members being men, then this is the number one website to consider helping end your long time search in just a few clicks.

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