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Millionaire match is a site designed and created exclusively to bring attractive and successful singles together. Having been ranked as a top dating site, shows that the site is the best when it comes to bringing wealthy individuals together and helping them meet their match. The site has been featured on ABC, CNN, CBS, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and other well-known high authority media and as a result, has a huge user base and is very easy to use. It’s created to bring a dating experience of the highest caliber to its members. The site is one of the first choice for professional models, CEO’s, Hollywood celebrities who are all successful and are willing to meet other successful people to begin relationships with. The site caters for two types of people that is, individuals who make over $150000 a year and want to meet an attractive partners of high quality and the second kind of individuals want to meet millionaires with a verified high income. One can easily access this site using their iOS, Android app and Mobile site.


Becoming a member of the site is very easy in that, a profile can be set up for free. It offers two options for registration that is; standard membership which is for free and the golden members have to pay. Golden member unlike the standard, are more privileged in that they can access unlimited features for they pay for their membership which is normally in form of money order, credit cards, PayPal. The pricings include:

  • Standard Membership is Free
  • Gold Membership
    • 1 month billed in 1 EASY payment of $70.00 (about $2.30 per day)
    • 3 months billed in 1 EASY payment of $135.00 (about $45.00 per month)
    • 6 months billed in 1 EASY payment of $210.00 (about $35.00 per month)
  • Payments can be made using Credit Card / Charge Card / Check Card / Debit Card, Paypal and Money Order.
  • Interesting Features

    Certified Millionaire: The site offers a verification system where members can verify their income, or any other documents which can include submitting tax returns and bank statements of their financial year to become certified millionaires. A certified millionaire can easily be searched by anyone interested in meeting attractive persons with money and brains that’s compatible with the individual’s personality, this way they can both enjoy each other’s company by having lots of fun and learning from each other.

    Let’s meet: Millionaire match allows members to get to know Each other to the level they want from confirming their earnings, to if they are legit. By doing so one knows the kind of person they are talking to and if they are compatible, then they can go ahead and arrange a meet up with the person. This site has seen many wealthy couples meeting their match and ending up getting married.

    Member’s luxuries: The site being open to wealthy individuals, it’s inevitable for them to them to visit glamorous places and have all kinds of privileges. Members therefore can be able to post a maximum of 27 photos showcasing their lavish lifestyles and their everyday lives.

    First date ideas: Different people have different ideas of fun or what’s hot and as a result, the members are allowed to post their ideas of what they feel is the best first date this way they can also be able to view what other people think and be able to weigh their options this way they will be able to choose the person who they feel has the ideas they want or feel like are compatible with their own.

    Search tools: The search tools in the site allows one to know more about the person they want or wish to know better. The criteria for searching allows one to get the tiniest of details of the person this way one can be sure if that’s exactly what they want example, search members by username and keywords. It also allows one to hide or remove members from ones search results. The results from a search can also be saved and reused for future reusing.

    Live chat: Emails can be very slow as most people do not answer immediately as a result, millionaire match offers the option of live chat where one can easily reach the person they want more easily however, this can only happen if the person is online.

    Hot topics: One can post their thoughts and opinions on the hot topic page. Here, other people will be able to view it and participate by sharing their views and opinions. It’s also an interesting way of meeting other people based on what they think, their intelligence.

    Others: Golden members have the privilege of reading millionaire dating advice and safety tips.
    Golden members have the ability to ask the millionaire match counsellor for advice which is mostly on dating which could be by email or live video chats. The member can also be able to check out the counsellors Q&A.

    Millionaire match has proven to be a one of a kind site for wealthy people to meet their matches. With the site hosting more than two million people, it’s found a way of bringing people together: those of higher incomes and those who just want to enjoy the lifestyle of the millionaires.



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